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Why should you buy a Plumb Signs Virus Barrier to protect your business from COVID19?  

The COVID19 Virus is spread by respiratory droplets when one individual coughs or sneezes.  As the economy re-opens to the public 6' social distancing is not always possible.  In those cases shielding individuals with masks and Plumb Signs Virus Barriers are the next best options as well as reducing touching of surfaces and frequent hand washing.  Contact us to order now! canva-image-12

Plumb Signs continues to work with guidance from local healthcare experts, the CDC, and the Washington State Department of Health to provide the most up to date products at competitive pricing for your signage and barriers needs.

Why do we find going to the movies so important as a culture anyway?

I fondly remember the days of drive in movies.  Wouldn't it be great if there were still theaters like those!  In these days of social distancing it seems that going to a normal movie is something we are going to have to think closely about before we return to a normal life again anytime soon. 

drive through movieMovie theater screen and seats

The theater, sporting events, and going out to eat brings people, family, friends, and community together in order to share one experience.  These social traditions are deeply rooted parts of our culture. 

Churches are yet another example of communities attempting to prepare to return to safe worship in a time of uncertainty.  Pews will be safer when congregations return if Plumb Signs Virus Barriers are installed between pews and parishioners wear masks.

church pew

It seems like these days the only way to get a good movie is to Hulu or Netflix and everyone is excited to get back to the theaters, casinos and the malls!  Business owners, whose employees have become less productive, need solutions like Plumb Signs Virus Barriers (as well as masks and testing when available) to get employees back to work and customers safely back into their businesses.   I personally am ready for some retail therapy!


Plumb Signs Virus Barriers should be installed between slot machines in casinos, in financial institutions and seats in sporting venues and theaters so that there can be areas where all people can enjoy these activities again as the economy opens.  

I look forward to the day when these public areas shopping can be filled with people again without fear, but we cannot get to that day without taking responsible actions.  We cannot show up in public until we have put these barriers in place to safely shield from the respiratory droplets that spread this illness or until a vaccine is in place to protect all individuals at risk.

I would beg of all essential businesses who have remained open to be responsible and purchase barriers now (and require your employees to wear masks).  And if you are a non-essential business such as a restaurants,  church, theater, bar, or salon prepare now prior to re-opening. 

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Plumb Signs can supply standard units or custom solutions based on any business need.  These are high quality, can be disinfected, and are ready to ship now.



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