Your Business. Our sign. One powerful visual statement

Our society is becoming accustomed to relying on a visual understanding of what is being presented. For example, we will try explaining a square.

Text description
4 equal size lines connecting at all ends
Visual Image

It is known that the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. As we explained the square, the shape is commonly known enough for our brains to picture a square, but the visual image provides a process for an easier understanding.


Why is it important to know how fast images can be processed? Your sign is a visual statement of your business. This increases recognition among potential and current customers. Playing hide-n-go-seek with your customers can discourage return customers. 



EQC has capitalized with their sign size and location.


Can your customers effortlessly see or find your business? This question may be answered by simply asking your customers how easily they found your business location. Maybe it was as simple as plugging your address into Google Maps (Google’s street view function is an excellent way to see what your business looks like) or use another favorite Map app/website. We all know this isn’t the case sometimes. Those map apps and websites are only so accurate. We rely heavily on accessibility, location and visibility.


Having a visible sign that can be recognized from a distance is beneficial for many reasons. Our earlier blog post 3 ways to maximize your sign visibility shows business owners great suggestions on how to improve their sign and how to create the best visibility at your location.

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