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From design to installation, Plumb Signs has your signage needs covered.


Whether it's designing a new logo, converting current artwork into a sign design or value engineering your dream sign, our experienced design team is always up to the challenge.


Full-service commercial grade fabrication shop & experienced staff capable of handling all of your signage needs.


As one of Washington's largest
 install crews within the sign industry, we have the equipment, resources & expertise to tackle any sign installation project.


From updating signs with LED lighting fixtures to handling storm damage, our maintenance trucks are stocked to address most of the problems that signs today are hit with.


Our permit specialists have extensive experience working with town municipalities to determine the best signage options for each of our customers.


Our Project Management team prides itself on being able to understand and deliver on the goals and expectations of the customer.


Our design team has the capabilities to take a concept from an idea to a new sign shining bright and high for all to see.

Their knowledge and extensive experience in the sign industry allows them to transform a simple logo into an engineered sign that adheres to strict local sign parameters while also maintaining our customer's vision and brand identity. 


Our full-service commercial shop equipped with a custom paint booth, industrial router, large-format digital printer, and seasoned crew are ready to tackle all of your sign fabrication needs. 

No matter how big or small or unique or tall, we have the capabilities to build it out in our shop with team members specialized in each phase of the fabrication process.


Having one of the largest install crews in the PNW, it allows us to handle any sign project. Whether it's installing an illuminated pylon sign high enough for all to see or a brand new digital display scoreboard at a stadium, we the experience, equipment, and expertise to take on the challenge.

We are licensed to install signs throughout the entire Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, & Alaska. However, if you need support outside of this region we have the resources and established relationships to take on projects throughout the entire United States.


With over five decades of combined experience in the sign industry, our service team has seen it all: from basic blackouts, to retrofitting more efficient LED lighting into existing signs.

Our trucks are equipped with materials that are needed to complete service orders on-site quickly, while our technology solutions enable our crew to keep in contact and provide updates to our Project Management team at all times.

We are here to help get your sign burning brightly! 

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Prior to your job even being sold, in depth research is done to determine the type and size of sign your business will be allowed to install. Depending on where your business is located, determines which city or county will review and approve your permit. Each municipality has their own sign code, applications and review procedures.

There are 4 steps of the signage process:

  1. Code Research
  2. Sign Design within Code Parameters
  3. Sign Permit Application
  4. Sign Permit Review & Waiting Period

The approval process typically takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Once approval is provided by the city or county then we are able to begin production and installation of the sign.

Project Management

At Plumb Signs, our teams are fully digital, allowing us to seamlessly communicate from the field to the office, which allows all those involved in the project to have the most up to date information at all times. In order to ensure all projects are completed on budget and on time our Project Management team is always looking forward to help clear any obstacles that may present themselves.  

Here's a look at what our Project Management team primarily focuses on for each and every project:

  • Establishing a schedule to meet customer deadlines.
  • Value engineering.
  • Suggestions to help our customers find the right material and the right construction methods to keep down costs and achieve the right look.
    • Quality assurance and quality control (Sub-contractor management, including contract negotiation, on-site management, licensing, permitting and safety considerations).
    • Coordination with your on-site contractors for a smooth process.
    • Full management of the permit, design, prototype and installation processes.
    • Verify site conditions/access and electrical requirements.
    • Coordinate final permit inspection and sign off process.
    • Close out documentation.
    • Full management of the Prevailing Wage and Beacon Davis filings.

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