6 benefits of a Monument Sign

A monument sign can be defined as a ground sign generally having a low profile with little or no open space between the ground and the sign and having a structure constructed of masonry, wood, or materials similar in appearance.


Business owners must remember signage is the number one form of advertisement, no matter how big or small your business may be. Signs work 24/7 and with illumination at night, a sign can become a beacon to just the right customer. Monument signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated.


Monument signs are the most versatile, functional type of sign providing a valuable asset to your business. You provide a level of confidence with this permanent structure. These signs will communicate to your customers that you are established and plan on staying for a while.


With these 6 benefits, monument signs prove to be valuable:

1) It is low to the ground, providing a direct line of sight for commuters and passerby’s.

2) They are weather resistant. Bring it on Mother Nature!

3) The sign is practically accepted in all communities and especially those with height restrictions.

4) It can be used for an individual business or multi-tenant shopping centers.

5) There are many variety of shapes and can be manufactured with several different types of construction materials.

6) This type of sign can also be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances.


Custom Monument Signage

Plumb Signs had the pleasure of designing, manufacturing, and installing this custom monument sign at the University of Washington! This sign was a dedication from the Class of 1960 in honor of its 50th anniversary reunion and integrated into Homecoming 2010 at the college. 


UW bronze W

You can find this sizable bronze W at the Memorial Way entrance to the campus in Seattle. It is the cornerstone for many photo ops and different marketing and advertising opportunities.


About the Project

Plumb Signs assisted the UW Alumni Association in the design of this monument sign, altering the conceptual design into a functional, realistic design to build. We had to think outside the box on this one with making sure the percussion would not disturb any local neighbors or spectators. The inside of the sign was manufactured with an insulation process to deaden the noise. To achieve the final look, we subcontracted a company to patina the outside while we were on site to ensure the desired appearance. The bronze finish provides the sign aesthetics of elegance and sophistication.

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