NO-COST: Pandemic Planning for COVID19 Workplace Safety

Plumb Signs teams with Impact Washington for NO-COST COVID19 Pandemic Planning in the Workplace: 

Workplace Safety is on everyone's minds these days as we face a NEW NORMAL.  Remote work solutions and adaptability have become integral to everyday life and compliance to workplace safety programs is confusing for both employees as well as HR departments, business owners and managers.  How do we navigate a world that changes from day to day?  What does return to work safely look like?

Impact Washington LogoPlumb Signs has partnered with Impact Washington to identify workplace safety hazards and increase our compliance to COVID19 OSHA and Federal regulations by accepting a FREE local Washington State grant that allows an outside consultant to navigate this process with us.  

Covid19 Mask - Wear one please

Plumb Signs Inc is a family owned and operated company located South of Seattle in Tacoma, WA.  Plumb Signs invested several years into moving it's entire operations online and is now 100% cloud based.  Plumb moved all designers, project managers, sales, and administrative staff to a remote work environment when the Pandemic initially hit. Plumb Signs also invested in a large amount of material needed to make Social Distancing Supplies such a Acrylic Virus Barriers (sneeze guards) and specialty floor graphics and signage for COVID19.   Plumb Signs remained essential throughout and followed all of the updated guidelines closely.  They kept temperatures, kept logs.... received N95 masks and used hand sanitizer.  But as things kept changing Plumb Signs wondered were they doing enough? Then they heard about COVID-19 MFG Resources through Impact Washington!

Social Distancing products    

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According to Washington State L&I, as of May 26th "businesses ignoring pandemic closure orders can be cited and fined under emergency rules".  Labor and Industries has created a Corona Virus Task Force and will be conducting spot checks of all essential businesses for compliance.  I estimate approximately 90% of business who are currently in operation are not in compliance with the current guidelines and are at risk for violations.  

If you are a small to mid-size manufacturing business in Washington State you can get an assessment along with many additional COVID19 manufacturing resources too.  You may be wondering is it really FREE and if so is it EASY for me and my employees to implement and participate?   

From the first interview with Impact Washington, the consultant Joseph was friendly and informative.  He started by providing us with comprehensive advise about the program during an initial phone call and sending us information in many formats that were simple and easy to understand.  He emailed us back right away, answered any and all questions we could possibly think of, and when we were ready sent our organization a contract to electronically sign.  


restroom doorOn the day of Plumb's COVID19 workplace preparedness assessment several VIRTUAL meetings were scheduled with members of our team and the Impact Washington Consultant assigned to assist us on our journey to better compliance.  As they toured the building it became clear that this program was really going to help us make the changes we never even knew we needed to reduce risks of infection and improve our workplace safety program.

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The Impact Washington consultant helped us by putting together the tools we needed to implement the recommended changes.  Plumb Signs received a comprehensive Workplace Safety Plan for COVID19 specific to them.  Plumb could be confident that the new updated plan included all the necessary components to keep the Plumb Signs team and community safe and if Federal or local regulations changed Plumb Signs will now never miss a thing.  

Hand Hygiene Sign  Plumb Signs received posters and logs that met Washington States requirements for the COVID19 pandemic and now understand exactly how and where they must be posted and used.  The Impact Washington team really helped us understand how a few small changes in our break-room, restrooms and parking lot can help save lives!     

Plumb Signs took things one step further by taking the logs they received from Impact Washington and initiating a digital check in system with it's cloud based technology which is completely touchless.    Every day before coming to work each employee is now able to check-in with their supervisor and verify on the log by "checking in" on their personal cell phone from home, which logs the interaction to our daily COVID19 symptom tracker log.   We will now be alerted immediately if any employee does not check in daily or reports any new COVID19 symptom. 

Plumb Signs cloud based COVID19 check-In

Plumb Signs learned from this experience that it can be done better with a little help from their partners and it did not cost anything!   Kudos to the team at Impact Washington for their support in helping us keep our team safer here at Plumb Signs.  We are so grateful that we took advantage of this wonderful program and can now feel confident in the effectiveness of our COVID19 workplace safety program.  

If you are a business in need of CDC recommended Social distancing supplies, interior or exterior signage for your business, or service for your sign or lighting please don't hesitate to give Plumb Signs a shout!   You can read more about Social Distancing at the CDC website and why it matters to you and your business in our recent blog titled "Social Distancing for Dummies".

Read more about keeping your business safe by scheduling your COVID19 assessment now or visiting the OSHA's coranavirus webpage which is updated frequently.  


A little about the author:

Sunnie Merritt, MA, CRC is a small business owner who leverages 15 years of experience in Clinical Research working side by side with the Nations most respected physicians, Innovators, and pharmaceutical companies as well as 4 years in the Signage industry as a Business Development Professional.  When she is not selling signs or blogging she loves biking, cooking, and can be found hiking the trails of the great PNW with her mini bernidoodle Callie.  Questions or comments about her blog are always welcome at

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