Sign Permit Process: A Look Behind the Scenes


Prior to your job even being sold, in depth research is done to determine the type and size of sign your business will be allowed to install. Depending on where your business is located, determines which city or county will review and approve your permit. Each municipality has their own sign code, applications and review procedures. Following is a brief synopsis of the permit process from start to finish.

Step 1: Code Research

The permit specialist is provided your address. From there, the city or county where the business is located is determined and code research is started. The size of the sign is generally based on the size of the wall the sign will be attached to or in the case of a freestanding sign, the length of the property frontage where the sign will be located.

Step 2: Sign Design

Our design department takes that information and designs a sign that fits within the code guidelines.

Step 3: Sign Permit Application

The permit application is then filled out, and along with the sign design, building elevations and site plan, the permit package is submitted to the appropriate city or county. More and more cities now allow the permit plans to be submitted electronically, however, there are still a few cities that are lagging behind and will require a trip to the city to submit the plans and pay the permit fee's. Permit fee's can range anywhere from $100 to over a $1,000.

Step 4: Sign Permit Review & Waiting Period

Once the plans are submitted, the waiting begins. As with the permit fee's, the review time can vary. In some cities, the permit can be issued over the counter, in other cities, the review process can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. That is something the sign company has no control over, we are working on their timeline. By law, a permit has to be turned around within 120 days.

Once the Permit is Issued...

The permit process is now complete and we are ready to start the production and installation of your new sign! Interested in getting started on your new sign?

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