Types of Signage

Advertisement is a major part of any organization.  The team at Plumb Signs will help you understand what type of signage is most valuable for your business and help you design a plan that work for you and your organizations long term success.

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Wayfinding Signage 

Wayfinding can encompass several different types of signage, including: Directional signs that point the way to various locations


Signs are a vital communication tool, and effective wayfinding signage design & fabrication, a specialty of Plumb Signs Inc, can help your employees, visitors and customers navigate through even the most confusing environments with a sense of confidence, safety, and security.

Wayfinding Signage can encompass several different sign types including:

  • Directional signs - that identify a location
  • Identification signs - that identify a location
  • Informational signs - that provide useful information about a location
  • Regulatory signs - that tell people what they can and cannot do in a location


Osprey Pointe 800 x 600
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Channel Letter Signs 

Check out our portfolio of Channel Letter sign projects! 

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter can be any letter, number, or other character that, when combined with other like characters, makes up a sign presentation. Each letter is made using aluminum sheeting, and acrylic. Channel letter signs are highly flexible, and can be made using a wide variety of fonts, colors, and sizes.

  • There are several different types of channel letter signs.  They can be Front-Lit, Halo Channel Letters, Combination-Lit or Front/Back Lit Channel Letters.
  • Speak to your sales specialist if you have questions about what kind of channel letter sign is best for your business 
  • Plumb Signs has a new channel letter machine.  Learn more about it on our blog!
Moctezumas  channel letter sign 800 x 600
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Monument Signage

Help get more business with a great entrance sign 

Monument signs are the most versatile, functional type of sign providing a valuable asset to your business. You provide a level of confidence with this permanent structure. These signs will communicate to your customers that you are established and plan on staying for a while.

A monument sign can be defined as a ground sign generally having a low profile with little or no open space between the ground and the sign and having a structure constructed of masonry, wood, or materials similar in appearance

    • They are weather resistant. Bring it on Mother Nature!
    • Monuments are low to the ground, providing a direct line of sight for commuters and passerby’s.
    • Monument signage is practically accepted in all communities and especially those with height restrictions
    • They can be used for an individual business or multi-tenant shopping centers.
    • There are many variety of shapes and can be manufactured with several different types of construction materials.
    • This type of sign can also be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances.


Met Market Monument Sign 800 x 600
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Pylon Signs

Boosting business visibility  

A Pylon Sign is a freestanding sign that is usually supported by either one of two poles.  They can display your message on either one or both sides. Often pylon signs are illuminated or backlit with LED or florescent lamps , however, they also can be left without illumination.  They are commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face.

  • Pylon signs are vital if you want people to easily locate your office or have the ability to read about your company from afar
  • One reason we recommend pylon signs is for their visibility. Pylon signs stand tall enough to be easily readable from 200 yards away or even farther. 
  • Multiple businesses can be seen in one place, helping guide customers to where they want to go. This also saves a lot of space. Instead of having dozens of signs scattered around, you can just have one!
  • Pylon signs can be designed to fit your exact specifications.  Here at Plumb Signs we can design, build, install and service your Pylon sign in any material, size, or shape of your choice.  When invite you to browse our galley and set up a meeting with our team of design and building experts.   
Aurora Shopping Center 800 x 600
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ADA / Code Signage 

The American Disabilities Act dictates 3 broad categories of requirements

  • Whether or a not a sign is required
  • Sign design requirements including font, letter height, spacing, color contrast and similar details
  • Precisely where a sign must be installed, and broad requirements dictating where signs may not be installed

Spaces that are required to have ADA signs include restrooms, vending areas, numbered rooms, floor numbers and any space that is used for a specific purpose that is not likely to change.  Check out our portfolio of ADA / Code sign packages to see some of the creative work our team has done to keep customers safe and traveling in the right direction.   

CitizenM ADA sign 800 x 600
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Exterior Wall Signs 

Let your wall be our canvas 

If you need a wall mounted sign for the exterior of your building there are many things to consider.   


  • You can purchase or lease your sign 
  • Everything from the type of sign designer from the sign material you use will affect your budget.  Quality signage is a long term purchase which will attract customers for years to come.  

EQC wall sign 800 x 600
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Custom Interior Signage 

Reinforce your brand with interior signs

  • Use your ADA / Code signs for brand reinforcement.  Use aesthetically pleasing signs in public areas and brand them consistently.     
  • Place a sign at the reception desk and a small sign with the mission statement in the lobby or other waiting area 
  • Make a "selfie" sign for new employees or favorite customers 
  • Use blank wall space for murals / expieriential graphics
Interior Sign 800 x 600
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Neon Signs

The first Neon sign was made in 1910 after its discovery by British scientists in 1898  

Neon signs are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases.   Neon signs were extremely popular in the United States from about the 1920s to 1950s and continue to be a favored by many today.

  • Neon tube signs are produced by skilled craftsman than bend glass tubes into shapes 
  • The interior of the tubes may be coated with a thin phosphorescent powder coating, affixed to the interior wall of the tube by a binding material
  • Pure neon gas is used to produce only about one-third of the colors (mostly shades of red and orange, and some warmer or more intense shades of pink).
  • A similar look to neon can also be achieved today using LED rope products.  They are faster, less expensive, and easier to repair than tradition neon.  If you are interested ask your Plumb Signs account representative for a free quote.  
R Bar 800 x 600-1
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Custom Projects   

Make your vision a reality

Whether you’re seeking assistance with creative graphic design services, a custom metal fabrication project such as a sign or art piece, or some type of large scale installation we have both the skills and equipment to get the project completed.  Contact us today to learn about our qualifications to handle your custom project.

  • We are so much more than signs!  Plumb Signs team of designers, builders and installers have the talent, creativity, and tools to build to your special requirements.  What do you need?  
  • Plumb Signs is a LEAN manufacturer.  By using these principles we are able to provide better value to our customers as well as faster lead times while striving to provide a perfect product.   

CitizenM 800 x 600
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Experiential Graphics

In 2014 SEGD changed the "E" from Environmental to Experiential.

Experiential Graphics provide a layered experience in which identity, imagery, and sense of place are enhanced through emotional triggers and touchpoints within a spatial experience. Experiential Graphic Design (EXG) continue to play an important role in many modern-day urban experiences and are commonly used in hospitals, schools, stadiums, malls, and other public areas.  EGD key influences consist of branded environments, Exhibitions and public art, Multimedia installations, and Wayfinding systems.

  • XGD expands the profession of Environmental Graphic Design as it absorbs new technologies to deliver content through dynamic experiences.
  • XGD activates, informs, and organizes the way we live, work, play and learn.
  • XGD involves the orchestration of communication tools to define an experience, such as ; typography, color, imagery, form and technology.
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Rooftop Signs

When you need seen from afar

When you need to be seen from a distance, a  rooftop sign has greater impact than a standard wall sign.  Installing a sign on the top of your building when the city will allow you to do so provides a great marketing opportunity

  • Plumb Signs has the people, technology, and equipment to go the any height.  What do you want to build?



Ridgetop sign 800 x 600
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Dimensional Letter Signs

Custom made easy  

  • When you need interior or exterior dimensional letter signs Plumb Signs Inc is here to help design, fabricate, and install any custom interior or exterior project.
  • We can order materials to architectural specifications or custom match  
  • Fabricated stainless steel letters can be backlit with LEDs or face-lit with a translucent acrylic face.
Viking Sprinkler 800 x 600
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Blade Signs / Projecting Signage

What are the benefits of using projecting signage?

A blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building façade or storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic. These signs are one of the most effective way of attracting foot traffic into your business

  • Blade signs are highly visible 
  • Blade signs can be designed in almost any size and shape
  • Blade signs may illuminated or non-lit and are made for interior and exterior environments 

Blade sign 800 x 600
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Digital Signage / Electronic Message Centers

Signs that say more with interactive content 

An electronic message center (EMC) is a sign that is capable of displaying words, symbols, figures or images that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means. Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text.

Whether for advertising or entertainment Digital Signage Solutions as well as Electronic Message Centers  offer a compelling alternative to traditional static signs, making messages more impactful and bringing content to life.

  • Digital Signage can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings etc., to provide wayfindingexpeditions, marketing, and both indoor as well as outdoor advertising.

Digital Sigage 600 x 800
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Custom Lighting & Chandeliers 

The Plumb Signs team is well versed in all types of lighting design and fabrication  

Unique custom fabricated illumination and identification products for clients who desire signature lighting solutions

  • Our fabrication capabilities include working in virtually all types of metal finishes  
  • All Plumb Signs products are approved and labeled with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) label for dry and damp location applications.  Exterior products require additional testing by UL for a wet location listing and additional lead time.

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