Plumb Signs has a new Channel Letter Machine. Watch how it works now!

Plumb Signs is clearing room in their shop for a new Accu-Bend Ace+ this coming week.  

Gordon Family YMCA Plumb Signs InstallSince the early 1970's custom made Channel Letter signs have become an iconic part of American History. 


The way we have built Channel Letter signs over the years has improved as technology has developed improving the buying experience, speed, and efficiency of which signs can be fabricated and installed and in turn the look of architecture on buildings over the course of the years. 


If you are a new business owner, purchasing a sign is much like buying an engagement ring.  It will be the showcase of your storefront so you wan't it to SHINE.  As when buying a diamond your signage consultant should help you understand the process from permitting to the types of signage available which will best accent your overall branding and building features.    

Remember, signs are the SMILE that welcome your customer into every business.  MAKE YOURS MATTER!

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Channel letter signs come in several varieties, materials, and mounting options.  Some examples include Face-Lit Channel Letter, Exposed Neon Channel Letters, Plastic Formed Channel Letters, Face and Back-Lit Channel Letters (Halo-Lit), and metal constructed channel letters which is considered the standard.  

Accu-Bend ACE+ Machine

With the Accu-Bend Ace + Plumb Signs can now get your Channel Letters to you both faster and priced better!  By reducing fabrication time by up to 75% per set this machine can produce over 100 channel letters a day at a fraction of the cost to bend standard metal letters by hand.  

A look back at one of our most exciting channel letter moments from the past...  

Plumb Signs takes Channel Letters to new heights when installing signs at Evergreen Health 

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