Channel Letter Signs - in the Greater Northwest Region

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The days of flat, non-dimensional signs are in the past, and you need to make a statement with attention-getting signage that can't be ignored.  You've seen them around, of course, but probably didn't know they had a's those three-dimensional, deep-welled signs that stand out when they adorn a business' property, and they are called channel letters.  If you want to make more of an impact with your company's visibility, consider investing in channel letter signage and put your name up in bigger and brighter lights!


Channel letter signs can be custom-made to nearly any depth and dimension, and they are made to match your design, brand, or logo specifically.  You can add internal lighting to illuminate them from within, or use recessed lights behind the sign to give it an attractive and unique glow.

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Some municipalities or local areas may have code restrictions on signage, or require permits prior to sign placement, and at Plumb Signs, you receive a full service end-to-end experience that includes researching applicable codes and procurement of necessary permits, giving you a greater level of satisfaction with the process and ensuring that your sign design and placement is fully in compliance with any applicable restrictions.  We also provide sign maintenance and servicing to keep your sign fully operational at all times.

With decades of design experience, we offer a design and fabrication service that is unmatched in quality!  Whether your signage project is large or small, we can meet any needs you may have to provide you with high quality, attractive, and attention-getting signage that gives you maximum visibility for your company's brand or logo.


We don't just do channel letter signs, either!  Plumb Signs offers a wide variety of signage options to fit any space, need, or desire, so whether you want a free-standing sign or a wall-mount with a scrolling digital marquee, we can do it all.  No matter what your needs may be, Plumb Signs can offer a solution!  Contact us today and let us work with you to improve your business' visibility.

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