Evergreen Medical Re-brands their main Channel Letter Hi-Rise sign

Working closely with the client is a cornerstone of Plumb Signs philosophy. Our recent successful collaboration with Evergreen Health Systems is proof that a close interaction with clients and their representatives produce superior results. The goal was to utilize the design provided by the clients design team, turn the design in to a design build, fabricate a 13' 2" tall x 73' long new LED Channel letter sign, install 200' in the air, remove the existing neon channel letter sign, provide containment inside the hospital to ensure no debris made it in to the ventilation system.

The project proceeded as a collaboration with the client, their design firm which consisted of KellyBrandonDesign, ILIUM, and an engineering company to handle the structural build, permit requirements and attachments to ensure the safety of the client's property. After discussion, all parties reached a satisfactory agreement as to the details and Plumb Signs finalized the drawings.

Upload Page 2 resized 600Plumb Signs Production Drawing

After design and engineering, the next step of the process involved getting installation permits from the city and coordinating with inspectors to review safety protocols for the installation. With all the details arranged, it was time to begin fabrication of the new Evergreen Health Systems sign. 

On site, the next step began with the installation of a temporary proto type for review to make sure it met all the client's needs. This ensured that the letters, lighting and color were large and bright enough.

During fabrication Plumb signs worked closely with the client, inspectors and the engineering firm to make sure we met and satisfied their needs. Adjustments and refinements during the process allowed us to produce the best quality work. We tested the signage thoroughly before releasing it for installation to avoid any problems after it arrived on site.The rest of the installation went smoothly according to the plan. Plumb Signs met with the client and crane company on site to develop a plan for installation. Reviewing the layout of the property, resulted in a plan that ensured safety for Plumb Signs employees, hospital staff and grounds. It was important to make sure the heavy equipment needed for installation could be brought on site without damaging the grounds or restricting emergency access to the hospital.

The entire process, from fabrication and testing, scheduling crane operations to final installation and inspection concluded successfully. Plumb Signs put four crews on site working closely with the crane operators and hospital staff to ensure everything went smoothly over the weekend so as not to disrupt the hospital during normal business hours. Evergreen Health was very pleased with their new sign and all inspections completed with 100% passing to finalize the permits from the city.


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