Dog Grooming Day at Plumb Signs


Last Thursday, April 14th, we were thrilled to have the team from K9 Designs over to our office for a much deserved dog appreciation day! Of course, this was suggested by our very own Chairman of the Board, Bandit (see bio here). Bandit's been putting in a lot of late nights and early mornings so he wanted to pull together all of his buddies for a nice little spa day at the office.

k9-designs-van.jpgWe have worked with the K9 Designs team before and knew about their top-notch service so we didn't have to worry about someone named Harry Dunne showing up in a Sheepdog Van and feeding the dogs footlong hot dogs covered in ketchup and mustard (struggling to pick up on this reference? Shame on you! Here's a link to jog your memory). The K9 Designs team showed up early on in their eye-popping mobile grooming van. From that point on, the day was filled with a lot of laughs and revitalized pups!

Although, a few of the dogs were a bit skeptical towards the grooming process at first (cough...Bandit...cough), K9 Designs was able to put their minds at ease and transition them into a state of pure tranquility and relaxation. 

Now I bet you're wondering, well who attended this posh party? Well let me tell you, it was the who's who of the dog community and we had to navigate through a lot of red tape in order to just snap a few pictures. 

bandit-2.jpgFirst off, we have Bandit, the coordinator of this little shindig. At the top of the page, you'll see him in his pre-grooming mindset. Extremely focused and trying to play it cool for the paps (short for paparazzi...trying to keep up with the A-list celeb slang).

But here you'll see his true colors shining through after his extravagant grooming experience. In case you can't tell what this expression on his face is indicating, we will translate it for you. Basically it was his "OMDG (Oh my dog-god), that was amazing! Sign me up for round 2!" face.

Now that he's had his fun, he was eager to share the news with the rest of the crew. Here's a look into how the day went for the other attendees. As you will notice, it was quite the guest list. 


I know, I know...How did we get all of these icons under one roof, right? Well let's just say Bandit didn't get to Chairman of the Board status at Plumb just through his unmatched knowledge of the signage industry. The guys got connections. And it doesn't hurt when you have an incentive like K9 Designs dog grooming to lure in the big wigs!

We can't wait for our next dog appreciation day and I'm sure you're all eager to see who will show up on the red carpet next!

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