How Long Does it Take to Build a Sign?

Initially, the answer to this question tends to surprise some people. For one reason or another, there is a little confusion when it comes to the timing expectations associated with a signage project. But we're here to tell you today that good things come to those who wait! And quality signage is no exception.

For starters, the length of your signage project can be affected by a number of different factors. Like the size of the sign or the level of customization required. But most signage projects do seem to follow the same 6 step process, which includes:

  1. Research
  2. Sign Design
  3. Sign Quotes & Estimates
  4. Permitting for Signage
  5. Sign Fabrication
  6. Installation of Signage

To help bring some transparency to this process, we felt it would be best to demonstrate it through an infographic that showcases each step of the signage process. Within each step, we've listed out some factors that play into the corresponding time stamp to help explain why some steps take a bit longer than others. By the end of the infographic, you should have a better understanding as to why your signage project might take a little longer than you had originally expected. And try not to get sticker shocked here. As we stated earlier, a little extra time at the beginning goes a long way at the end.

Here are the steps that go into the timeline for a signage project.



So that's it! Just a few weeks and your brand new sign will be designed, built and installed all up to code! At first glance, it might be a little longer than you had hoped, but trust us - it will be up and bringing in new customers before you know it.

Don't settle for the run of the mill, cookie cutter signage that is templated and can be tossed together a tad bit quicker. Take a little extra time and get a sign that really sets you apart from your competition and grabs the attention of your customers.

Let us know if you're ready to get started on the process or would like a signage quote. We'll dive right into step 1 with you to get all of the wheels in motion.

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