Project Spotlight - Habit Burger

Company Overview:

habit-burger-logoHabit Burger - West Seattle
3501 SW Avalon Way
Seattle, WA 98126

Project Overview:

With over 250 locations throughout the country, California based Habit Burger has continued their expansion up to the Pacific Northwest and into West Seattle. Due to their growth plans in this region, Habit Burger began looking for a local sign vendor to facilitate their projects in Washington State. That's where we come into play.

We are excited to share that we are the first company outside of their corporate franchise sign vendor to be authorized to execute a complete sign package for one of their locations. West Seattle is our first, but our hope is that this leads to many more projects in the future as Habit Burger continues to expand. 

Due to the fact this was our first project with Habit Burger, we provided them with a prototyping phase to showcase our ability to adhere to their corporate branding guidelines and signage parameters. Here's a look at a prototype we created for them:

As part of the prototyping, we were able to demonstrate our ability to meet their requirements from both a quality and a branding perspective.

As for the sign types required for this project, here's a breakdown of the variety of signs we created and installed for the West Seattle Habit Burger:

  • 3 Wall Signs
  • Pylon Sign
  • Menu Board
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Height Detector

This sign package was pretty standardized given the amount of Habit Burger locations there are and their need to keep things consistent from location to location. However, we were dealing with a preexisting building, so they leaned on our expertise for placement and installation techniques in order to make sure everything met their quality standards while also adhering to a strict project timeline. This brings us to a few of the challenges we faced on this project.


In comparison to an average sign project, given all that was involved with this particular project, we were working with a pretty tight timeline. From the moment we learned of the project and began quoting it in September of 2018, we were required to get everything complete and start installation by February 2019. This included:

  • Quoting the project.
  • Determining all of the components of the complete sign package.
  • Creating a prototype and sending it down to California to be reviewed by their corporate team. 
  • Achieving the prerequisites to become an authorized vendor.
  • Building the signs.
  • Addressing any and all permits that would be needed. 
  • Installing the signs.

Since there were a lot of upfront tasks that needed to be addressed before getting started, the window to actually build and install the signage was relatively tight. 

Another item that played into the timeline and was unique to this project was familiarizing ourselves with the branding guidelines and showcasing our ability to stick to them through a prototyping phase in order to become an authorized vendor.

As with most projects, plans changed a bit throughout the process and with each of those changes, new drawings were required. In order to keep to our timeline we had little room for revisions so we needed to make sure we got it right the first time and did not veer from their branding guidelines. During each revision, we only required one round so we were able to use that as an opportunity to showcase our understanding of their guidelines while staying on schedule.

Lastly, the conditions on-site at the preexisting building presented a couple hurdles, but our experienced team was able to handle each one in stride and overcome them without compromising the timeline.

Keys to Success:


More often than not, sites have unpredictable circumstances arise during the installation and this project was no different. Our crew faced a few different obstacles while installing the signage on site in West Seattle. This required them to get pretty creative and think outside the box to overcome issues while not compromising the timeline or the parameters set by the branding guidelines.

As usual, our crew was up to the challenge as they were able to handle everything that came there way with the highest standard of quality while maintaining the efficiencies needed to finish the project on time.

Attention to Detail

Throughout the entirety of the project, attention to detail was a must in order to showcase our ability to adhere to Habit Burger's branding guidelines as well as maintain a strict schedule in order to complete the project on time.

By demonstrating a high level of attention to detail throughout each phase of the project, especially the prototyping phase, it allowed us to become an authorized sign vendor with Habit Burger.

Signage Pictures - Habit Burger - West Seattle








Final Result:

The key takeaway from this project for us is the fact that we are now the only authorized sign vendor for Habit Burger in the region. This opens the door to a promising and exciting future with Habit Burger as they continue to expand their footprint throughout the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and elevating their brand through signage for years to come!

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