Project Spotlight - Pacific Heights Veterinary Hospital

Company Overview:

Pacific-Heights-logoPacific Heights Veterinary Hospital
3770 NE 4th
Renton, WA 98056

Project Overview:

People, Pets & Vets, own multiple veterinary locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and are now looking to revamp each of their location's signage, starting with Pacific Heights Veterinary Hospital in Renton, WA. 

Pacific Heights was dealing with some pretty dated signage that was in need of updating to better align with the new direction of their brand that's being showcased on their new website. Given their high traffic location, they were looking for something that would sit high up and catch the eye of all the passerby's on NE 4th road. We felt a pylon sign and updated cabinet face would do just the trick. Now they can showcase their new look without sacrificing line of sight to their brand. 


The primary challenge with this project was the size of the sign as it relates to the location it needed to be installed. This is a very busy street in Renton with a lot of people walking and driving by as well as a bus line making it's rounds frequently. Due to this congestion, we needed to work with the town to determine the best time and secure the necessary permits to install the pylon sign.

Even with the installation window pinned down, our crew still had no room for error given the tight quarters and time constraints associate with the installation. Any time you're working with a sign of this size it's best to clear out as much room as possible but we only had so much area to work with. Our team needed to be as quick and precise as possible with their tasks in order to complete this install without any hiccups. Luckily, with our crew's experience, they were able to take all of these obstacles in stride and successfully install Pacific Heights Vet's new sign on time!

Keys to Success:


Our project management team needed to be in constant communication with the town as well as the customer in order to make sure everyone was on the same page for the install. As we mentioned before, we had a tight window and area to work within on a very busy street and in order to make sure everything was lined up for success, everyone needed to be kept up to date at all times. 

Sometimes, with projects like this, there are adjustments that need to be made on the fly and they may stray from the original project plan. Luckily all parties were able to tackle each obstacle with professionalism and move through the project efficiently and successfully.


Our install crew's combined years of experience really played a key role in this installation. They've just about seen it all when it comes to installation environments, so the circumstances associated with the size and location of this sign didn't scare them one bit. They were able to pull from their previous experiences and handle the installation like the seasoned professionals they are. 

Signage Pictures - Pacific Heights Veterinary Hospital



Final Result:

It's been a pleasure working with the team at People, Pets & Vets and we're excited to have had the chance to be a part of their successful growth throughout the pacific northwest. Looking forward to seeing many more new signs go up for their other locations soon. Stay tuned!

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