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NO-COST: Pandemic Planning for COVID19 Workplace Safety

Plumb Signs teams with Impact Washington for NO-COST COVID19 Pandemic Planning in the Workplace:  Workplace Safety is on everyone's minds these days as we face a NEW NORMAL.  Remote work solutions and adaptability have become integral to..

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Social Distancing for Dummies

Social distancing for COVID19 virus protection seems to be a hot topic lately.  Why help your customers and staff feel safe with a long term branded social distance solution from Plumb Signs Inc? "Dont be a fool, social distancing is..

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Now Back to your regularly scheduled program with Plumb Signs Virus Barriers

Why should you buy a Plumb Signs Virus Barrier to protect your business from COVID19?   The COVID19 Virus is spread by respiratory droplets when one individual coughs or sneezes.  As the economy re-opens to the public 6' social distancing..

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COVID19 Preparedness - Start ordering barriers now!

As the economy begins to reopen does your business have everything it needs to keep your employees and customers safe from the COVID19 virus?  Plumb Signs Virus Barriers help stop the spread of the virus by shielding individuals from one..

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Sneeze Guard You Tube Video

  Youtube video of very simple assembly by our Operations manager Mike Marston.  More information to come shortly.     Completion Picture      

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