Casino Night at Plumb Signs


We just had our annual Plumb Signs company party over the weekend at Cheney Stadium. Our friends at Cheney were kind enough to open up the Summit Club to the entire Plumb team and we had an absolute blast!

Jonz Catering provided the food for the event and did an excellent job. They were super accommodating and everything was delicious. We had a Fiesta Bar that the Plumb team devoured throughout the night!

In addition to great people, great food & booze, we also had a blackjack tournament. There were clearly some veteran gamblers among the group, while others...not so experienced. We had 2 tables, so the tournament was formatted in a way that allowed everybody to play in an initial round for 30 minutes each. With that being the case, we split everyone up into 6 tables and played the first round over the course of 1.5 hours with the goal of having the winner of each table move onto a Champion's Table.

At the Champion's Table, 5 of the top 6 players were eligible for various prize offerings but there was only 1 grand prize winner...and that winner was our General Manager at Plumb Signs, Mike Marston! A few alluded to some card counting going on, while others (including Mike) claimed he won fair and square. Here he is stating his case...


We used this time together to unwind and reflect over what has been an incredible year. It was extremely fitting to be able to celebrate it at a location where we did so much work in 2015. In addition to being able to observe some of our work completed in 2015 first hand at Cheney Stadium, we also had a slideshow broadcasting signage projects from the last year on every screen throughout the stadium (including the jumbo-tron!). 

On a more personal note, I recently joined the Plumb Signs team and hadn't had a chance to experience one of the legendary Plumb Parties yet. Seeing everyone come together with family-like camaraderie was truly inspiring and a reminder to the fact that I not only love what I do but I love who I work for. And as a marketer, it's so interesting to see how that internal culture carries over to our relationships with our customers. Simon Sinek said it best with this quote:

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why

Our number one goal as a company is providing our customers with the best experience possible and as the good times roll over here at Plumb Signs, we promise we'll carry that energy and positivity over onto every one of our projects and into every relationship we build with our customers.

Cheers to an amazing year and the great times to come!

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