Team Haley: Mission to Wipe Out Blood Cancer

On May 21st, 2015, Plumb Signs felt firsthand what childhood cancer is like. Mike Marston who has been with Plumb Signs since 1995, found out that his 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. It all started with a routine visit to the doctor’s office due to Mike’s daughter being pale and it turned into 3 weeks in the hospital and countless other treatments. It has now been a year and the fight goes on. This is when the reality sets in that more needs to be done. Mike & Plumb Signs were blind to what childhood cancer was all about.

haley-dr-irwin.jpgPlumb Signs has been a proud vendor to Multicare and once this all started Mike and Plumb Signs learned firsthand what a great organization Multicare is. Multicare even went as far as to write an article about Mike's daughter on their website. While getting treatment Mike's daughter, Haley, was raising money with her Aunt and countless others for blood cancer research.

Haley is no stranger to Plumb Signs. She is the niece of the Owner and she knows all the employees of Plumb Signs by name. So it is an experience that all employees of Plumb Signs are going through.

haley-bracelets-party.jpgThe fact is, yes, we could say how hard it has been and how hard it still is going to be, but we want to make sure that it is easier for the next Haley. So due to this Plumb Signs has become a proud sponsor of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). We support the fight for a world without childhood leukemia and blood cancer.

So, we are fighting for Haley and other blood cancer patients. We want Haley to know that we've done everything we can to help fund a 100% cure along with better treatments. We have joined TEAM HALEY; a team of over 60 friends and family members who will be doing a race through Team In Training this fall. They will proudly wear the purple Team In Training race jersey with Haley’s name on it. Their team goal is to raise $100,000. This money would go directly towards the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Research Portfolio and Haley's name would be honorably linked to it. ALL is the most common form of childhood cancer.

Together, we can change the lives of people affected by blood cancers. Please help LLS continue the fight to put an end to blood cancer and please help us reach this incredible goal.

We need other sponsors to join with us to find a cure.

With at least a $500 donation, your company logo will be on the race jerseys of over 60 people and it will be seen by thousands of people at seven endurance events this fall!

Thank you in advance for all of your generous support!

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