Custom Signage brings Maximum Exposure!

In today’s ever-growing population there comes a demand to be creative. It is important for business owners to focus that same mindset with their business signage. Custom signage brings maximum exposure to your clients.

First we want to lay out the basics:

What does custom mean? The dictionary defines it as “made specifically for individual customers”.

What is signage? It can be defined as “Graphic designs, as symbols, emblems, or words, used especially for identification or as a means of giving directions or warning.”

With our custom signage designs, your business can gain maximum exposure to your potential and current customers! We specialize in being creative with signage (we don’t want you to be just like everybody else!) Take a look at this signage project we did for a couple of Moctezuma’s locations.


 Moctezuma Custom Signage resized 600


At each site there were many capabilities we were able to exercise than most projects we work on. This restaurant has genuine custom signage which involves the rusted feature which gives a presence of an established location. The rust process takes some time and is done by using a mixture of vinegar, salt, hydrogen peroxide and water which speeds up the rusting feature. We also had time to allow some of the signage to naturally rust. The finished product is something that is unique to their restaurant and eye catching to any passerby.


The benefits of interior custom signage are different for each industry. Retail stores have proven advertising influences upon their customer base. Keeping a consistent look can enhance brand awareness. Restaurants can use sign panels, dimensional lettering or just simple window signage by branding their location or menu served. They can also profit from exterior signage that is unlike others, for example the iconic McDonald’s golden M arches or the Moctezuma’s example above. Gas stations or convenience stores typically use window advertising to its fullest capability with decals, clings, vinyl banners, posters and more. Repair and maintenance shops may be able to use daily, weekly or monthly advertising specials with yard or sidewalk signs. They can also target specific mechanical skills their shop may specialize in. When it comes to community banks, the combination of great service, excellent products and effective advertising is what sets them apart from larger corporate banks.


You may be thinking your new signage can break the bank. Technically, signage can be costly especially when it is custom and you are a new entrepreneur. However the value a custom sign can bring you is priceless. Unless you ask ever customer that comes through your door what they think about your sign or they offer their opinion, you will never really know how and/or if the sign impacted their decision to shop with you. But you can be reassured that your signage is a factor in their choice whether they are aware of it or not. There have been numerous studies of human choice factors and the impact signage has on their choices. With the studies we are able to gather three basic function of signage: 1) Attract new customers; 2) Brand your site in the minds of consumers and 3) create impulse sales. Take a look at this article to learn more about the Importance and Effectiveness of Signage.


To help you boost some ideas take a look at our Showcase Page which highlights past projects we’ve worked on. Or you can opt to use the ecommerce website such as Etsy and the DIY social network of Pinterest, where there is a never-ending supply of signage ideas that others have introduced to the common marketplace. Business owners can use these resources to their benefit as a great starting points for their new company or if that just need a face lift. It should help inspire your creativity in what you’d like to see happen with your signs.


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