Rosy Jensen

Rosy started working here in fall of 2014 as Account Support for the accounting, sales and marketing departments. She is too young to have been here as long as most have! Her role allows her to interact with all employees and most customers on a daily basis.

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Business Signs Tips for a Small Business

Your store front signage is the most important piece of advertising you can invest for your business. First impressions can make or break your business and start with your logo and brand image. As you build your brand image you should..

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How much does signage cost?

Business signage is often thought of as a stepchild to a business. Something that needs to be there but overlooked with other more important items taking the lead. A good sign can produce so much more than just a visual reference to your..

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Lead your Signage with LEDs!

Neon was once pretty cool when first introduced, today not so much. LEDs are taking center stage in signage designs. Including the standard Open sign in many retail shops. Although neon is still used in modern designs. You may not notice..

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Custom Signage brings Maximum Exposure!

In today’s ever-growing population there comes a demand to be creative. It is important for business owners to focus that same mindset with their business signage. Custom signage brings maximum exposure to your clients. First we want to..

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5 Checklist Items to Spring Clean your Signage!

Your signage should be presentable and functioning to its highest capacity. As we spring clean around the office or home, business owners should also be thinking about spring cleaning their signage. This could increase traffic by boosting..

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Channel Letters for Business Signage

As a new business owner you may not be familiar with the signage phrase, channel letter. Simply put, they are custom made metal or plastic letters that are commonly used on the buildings of business, churches, and other organizations for..

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Small Business Signage: 5 Tips to Remember

Business signage is a stable, constant and necessary piece of advertisement for your business whether it is small or large. Most small business owners are intimidated by the cost associated with business signage, but rarely take in the..

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Local Sign Company supporting Seattle Seahawks!

You can’t go very far in the Pacific Northwest without being reminded of our NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks. This year is no exception. As any Superbowl Champion, we are hopeful to make it back to the Big Game the year after winning. In..

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Happy Holidays from Plumb Signs!

Plumb Signs would like to take the opportunity to wish our readers a Happy Holiday season! Please note our Holiday hours: Thursday, December 25th: Closed Friday, December 26th: Closed at 12 PM Thursday, January 1st: Closed Friday, January..

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