Lead your Signage with LEDs!

Neon was once pretty cool when first introduced, today not so much. LEDs are taking center stage in signage designs.  Including the standard Open sign in many retail shops.  Although neon is still used in modern designs.  You may not notice them being used in Channel Letters, Wall signs or any other signage, but they are there!


Daily transitions are happening for almost every type of product.  And as consumers, we adjust. Technology is the biggest influence on our ever-changing day-to-day lives.  To not adjust to technological advancements is to live in the Stone Age! Who wants to wait a whole day to communicate with someone from Tacoma to Seattle via handwritten letter?


Sign companies are becoming accustomed to LED requests in retrofits or new designs.  As people become familiar with LEDs and their sustainable use, these requests have increased.  With these retrofit requests many factors are weighed into consideration.  Is the sign in good enough condition for the retrofit?  This involves assessing the entire sign and each individual channel letter.  During inspection cracks should be repaired and may need cleaning out the inside of the proposed location of new LEDs. Accessibility is another factor in deciding to go with the retrofit.  After evaluation, if any part of the sign is not a good candidate for LEDs a review of replacing the entire sign or a single channel letter must be considered.



LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. It is a semiconductor diode that emits light when a voltage is applied to it. They are not a new product but have a widespread use due to their extremely low energy use, long life span and high-quality light.


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LEDs have proven to save you money as they reduce power consumption by as much as 80%! They are also more durable, reliable and lack the maintenance requirements associated with traditional lighting.

For example, if you compare the annual energy costs of a 100-fixture installation of 6-lamp T8 HIF vs. a 13,000-lumen Intelligent Lighting System in a $0.10 kWh area with 20% occupancy, the comparison is as follows:


6-Lamp T8 HIF

13,000-Lumen Intelligent Lighting System

Annual Energy Costs



5-Year Energy Costs





Why do we use GE?  Implementing GE LEDs to retrofit your fluorescent bulbs will be your safest bet, although there are many other manufacturers of LED bulbs.  Their scientists invented LEDs in the 60s as an alternative to traditional light sources.  GE is an established innovator for LED technology and will continue to provide the signage industry as well as regular households with new products.  To learn more about LEDs, GE provides a great resource, “LED 101”.


We’d like to reiterate: LEDs are easier to install, maintain and length of life LEDs provide over traditional lighting.  Currently the biggest drawback to LEDs are the color choices.


So, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today for a consultation to retrofitting your current Channel Letters, Pylon or Wall sign! We also suggest upgrading the bulbs in your light fixtures around your building to enhance the overall look of your location.




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