The 10 Best Signs from Your Favorite TV Show Hangout Spots

When you look back at some of your favorite shows of all time, what do a lot of them have in common? I'd be willing to bet that the main characters have some sort of a hangout spot where a lot of the show takes place.

Whether that hangout spot is based off of a real world location or if it eventually inspired parody bars or restaurants to be created in their name later on, they definitely played a big part in some of those most popular shows of our time. 

Since the summer is winding down and we are getting closer to that time of year where season premiers start to hit the air we thought we'd pay tribute with our own list of the 10 best signs from your favorite TV show hangout spots. Let us know what you think! 

1. Central Perk (Friends)


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Fun Fact: Did it ever annoy you a little how the Friends crew always got that orange couch at Central Perk? I mean, it's prime seating in what always seemed to be a pretty busy café. Well, in this case the writer's actually thought of everything and placed a little "Reserved" sign on the table

2. MacLaren's (How I Met Your Mother)

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Fun Fact: MacLaren's is based on the real life pub McGee's in New York City where the co-writer's of the show used to hang out when working together on Letterman. 

3. Monk's (Seinfeld)

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Fun Fact: The one that most people know is that the outside of Monk's is actually a shot of the outside of the NYC diner, Tom's Restaurant but do you know why Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David decided to name it Monk? Apparently they had a poster of the jazz pianist Thelonious Monk in their office and they just needed a name...Not very exciting.

4. Cheers (Cheers)

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Fun Fact: Similar to Seinfeld, the exterior shots of Cheers are from a real bar in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. While the show was on the air the bar was called the Bull & Finch Pub but the owner has since changed the name to Cheers. 

5. Moe's (The Simpsons)

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Fun Fact: You can actually visit a real life Moe's Tavern at Universal Studios in Orlando. Not only is it a fully functional bar/restaurant but they also serve Duff Beer, a domestic style light beer brewed specially by Florida Beer Company.

6. Arnold's Drive-in (Happy Days)

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Fun Fact: In 1994, Arnold's was brought back to life in the music video for Buddy Holly by Weezer. Al Molinaro who played the owner of Arnold's Drive-in even made an appearance in the video.

7. Paddy's Pub (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

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Fun Fact: Unlike some of the other hangout spots on this list, unfortunately Paddy's Pub doesn't actually exist and even the building they use isn't in Philly. It's actually in Los Angeles. But, on the bright side Mac does actually own a different bar in Philly called Mac's Tavern

8. The Drunken Clam (Family Guy)

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Fun Fact: The creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, went to the Rhode Island School of Design where he came up with idea for Family Guy. Coincidentally, Rhode Island is known for their clams, which inspired the name of the town where the show takes place, Quahog as well as the name of the local tavern, The Drunken Clam. 

9. Island Diner (Rules of Engagement)

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Fun Fact: With some crafty photoshop skills, the crew at Rules of Engagement created the shot of outside the Island Diner by using an actual diner in NYC called the Ritz Diner. They just edited the sign to say Island Diner and changed the street sign on the corner to W62 St instead of E62 St where the diner is actually located. 

10. The Double R (Twin Peaks)

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Fun Fact: As many of you in the PNW may already know, the show Twin Peaks was based in Washington and used the Mar-T Café in North Bend, WA as the inspiration for the Double R Diner where so much of the show takes place. The Diner has since changed owners and is now called Twede's Café.

Can you think of any that we left off of our list? Mention them in the comments section so we can keep building on this list!

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