Top 9 Instagram Sign Posts from 2018

Happy New Year! 2018, what a wonderful year it was. We had the pleasure of working on so many great projects with amazing new and returning customers. 

This year we really worked to ramp up our social posting by sharing more pictures of sign projects then any year before. By doing this we have grown our social following with the goal of expanding our digital presence within the community. To recap on a year of social growth we thought it would be fun to share our Top 9 posts, in terms of engagement, of 2018.

Here's a look at our top 9 Instagram posts of 2018:

You have probably seen these top 9 posts from other users in your feed. It's always interesting looking back and seeing what posts got the most likes and trying to determine why that particular picture did better than others.

Was it the the quality of the picture? People really liked the sign? The time of day or week that we posted it? Or was it that the customer of the project we were highlighting had a really active social presence and following? Let's take a look!

Here is a deeper dive into each of the top 9 sign project posts from 2018:

1. WSECU Seattle - 58 Likes

With 58 Likes, our post of WSECU's new U-District location in Seattle was our highest performing post from 2018. We posted this back in November and it corresponded with a blog post we did spotlighting the details of the project.

The picture was taken by one of our installers and really came out great. The green really popped off the brick and the sign itself was simple, clean and modern which led to an aesthetically pleasing photo. Also, it helped that WSECU has an active social presence and commented on the photo, which seemed to pave the way for other commenters.

2. Northwest Motorsport - 55 Likes

Northwest Motorsport goes by NWMS Rocks on social media and they really do rock, especially on social! They are always active in engaging with our posts and have even shared a few of our posts on their own feeds in the past.

With this particular post, we showcased a few different large signs we had in the works in our shop for one of their new locations. We posted it in October and leveraged the slideshow feature within Instagram so that users could check out a few different shots of each of the signs. It's always fun to show the crew behind the scenes and it's great to see that this one performed so well and that our audience appreciated it!

3. Pediatrics Northwest - 53 Likes

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New sign for our friends at @pedsnw!

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Located locally in Tacoma, we posted this picture of Pediatrics Northwest's new sign back in April of 2018. A lot of our followers are local to the Tacoma area so it makes sense to see a local sign photo do well, especially with a fun one like this. 

We had a little fun with the blurring on this one to keep the focus on the sign rather then the reflection of our crew in the bottom window taking the picture haha. Their logo really pops off the cement facade and makes for an engaging photo that is setup nicely for Instagram. 

4. Locust Cider - 52 Likes

Personally, I credit the solid performance on this post with the pun at the beginning of the caption. Can't beat a solid cider pun. It was too good to pass up when putting the post together.

But on a more serious note, the photo really came out great with the black sign popping off the beautifully rehabbed white building and an amazing weather day!

5. The Maritime Inn - 50 Likes

Although a little smaller then a lot of the sign projects we typically work on, this one took on a timeless and classic look, which paired nicely with it's seaside setting in Gig Harbor. The fact that the picture was taken at dusk allowed us to showcase the lovely blue color of the sign highlighted by the accent lighting that accompanied the signage. This was definitely a house favorite photo given our team's ties to the Gig Harbor area. 

This post showcased our ability to scale from the signage needs for a boutique hotel like The Maritime Inn to other larger commercial sign projects that make up most of our portfolio of work and Instagram page. It may have been a little smaller then most projects that we work on but the same amount of precision and craftsmanship went into making it one that we are very proud of and happy to see it perform well on social.

6. GC Coffee Co. - 47 Likes

We've had the privilege of working on a few different GC Coffee Co. signs over the years, and each time their projects tend to perform well on social given their branding has always been excellent. Not only do their signs and buildings always stand out but their social presence is exceptional and very active. Everyone always recognizes the GC brand and it's always a fun and exciting project to be a part of. 

With this particular project, we were showcasing not 1 but 2 new locations GC had opened this year where we of course handled the signage. One is right here in Tacoma while the other is in Lakewood. The pictures came out great and their branding always catches our local audiences eye, so it's no surprise that it was one of the top performers for us this year.

7. Harbour Pointe Shopping Center - 40 Likes

Another shop pic cracked the top 9 for us this year. This time around it's the entrance monument signage that we were putting together for the Harbour Pointe Shopping Center in Mukilteo.

We were tackling a couple of these illuminated signs on the shop floor back at the start of 2018 in January and it's fun to see that our audience approved of how this commercial sign project was coming together!

8. American Lake Conference Center - 39 Likes

No surprise here as this illuminated exterior wall sign for the ALCC actually won us 1st Place in the wall sign category at the 2018 WSA Sign Design Competition. This is a picture of the sign being tested out on the shop floor prior to install but more can be viewed on our Instagram page of the award we received as well as the sign installed.

This project really stood out for us as it required a lot of custom layering and some clever craftsmanship to get the sign to achieve the look we were going for in both a non-illuminated and illuminated format. It's awesome to see that our hard work was appreciated by not only the voters of the WSA Sign Design Competition but also by our social community on Instagram. 

9. Interbay Self Storage - 39 Likes

With big signs, comes big click numbers (at least for us). This is a huge sign that we did for Interbay Self Storage in Seattle. At the time of the picture we working on putting together and getting a full scale perspective of it in our shop's yard. Later on we ended up sharing some pictures of the install that also performed really well. 

This picture stands out from the rest as it almost takes on an abstract/artistic look as it just shows a portion of the sign. It's also a slide show, so the viewer is able to check out the other half of the sign as well as what it will look like illuminated. The size of the sign becomes clear in the second picture where you can see the front end of a truck in the background and the letters clearly tower over it. 

On to 2019!

2018 was an amazing year filled with a ton of fun projects! We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store as well as take a look back at this post at the end of the year. Should be interesting to compare the styles as well as the engagement numbers. Our goal is to of course boost those numbers by quite a bit!

Cheers to a new year 

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