Project Spotlight - Habit Burger Bonney Lake, WA


Company Overview:


Habit Burger -Bonney Lake 
20411 98th Street East, Suite C 
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Project Overview:

Habit Burger

With nearly 300 locations throughout the country, California-based Habit Burger has continued to grow their brand reputation and footprint in the Pacific Northwest these past several years. Due to their growth plans in the region, Habit Burger began looking for a local sign vendor to facilitate their projects in Washington state.  After a rigorous selection process Plumb Signs was proud to be selected as a vendor. 

The first time I ever ate at Habit Burger was in Seattle when Plumb Signs was working on the West Seattle signage.  I ordered a Gluten-Free Char Burger from their menu with fries and I have to say it was amazing.  It's not easy to get great gluten-free food but the best part about Habit for me was actually the service.  Not only was the food exceptional but they make the entire culture of the customer experience from the time you walk in (or drive-thru) to the time you walk out feel like the most 5-star encounter ever.  I can't tell you the last time I received service with a smile such as this.

As for the types of signs required for this project, here's a breakdown of the what we created and installed for the Bonney Lake location:

  • 3 Wall Signs
  • Pylon Sign
  • Menu Board
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Height Detector

If you have eaten at a Habit Burger Drive Thru in the past you will notice that brand consistency is very important to them, which is one of the things that make their food so great!  But this can make keeping the signage consistent from location to location a challenge.


  • COVID19 timeline delays 
  • LOCAL Permitting issues 

The main challenge on this project was working with the local jurisdiction to remain within code guidelines to meet the following goals: Maintaining brand consistency with other Habit Burger sites and maximizing allowed square footage within the allowed sign code.

After a few revisions our team was able to finalize our drawings with the city and was very excited to move forward.  Then COVID hit which paused the project.  Once we were released to re-start it was a real hustle to meet Habit Burgers opening date.  

Keys to Success:




Today more than ever clients are asking for value engineering.  Our team of designers, project managers, and sign engineers understand just how to build beautifully crafted, long-lasting signs within a budget.

Anything from world-wide pandemics to more commonplace project delays can cause issues, and we feel that teamwork and communication are key factors in solving them.  Throughout the entirety of the project our staff will keep you up to date and informed.  We believe in meeting deadlines, quality, and customer service.

Attention to Detail

Plumb Signs knows that your signs are the first thing your customers will see.  At Plumb our attention is on our customers and on the details in every job.  We will make sure it's done right from start to finish - guaranteed!

Signage Pictures - Habit Burger - Bonney Lake


Habit Burger Directionals




Final Result:

   ...and did you know that The Habit Burger Grill has been listed in the top 100 restaurant chains in America by the Nation's Restaurant News?  So whether you are already in the habit or you have not yet tried them, head on in and check them out! 


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