Project of the Month: Armor Storage

As we all know, the summer months can get pretty busy, especially in the sign business. Given all of the new construction that goes on due to the nice weather, it makes it a little bit easier to get those signs up and shining bright. So as a result, it has made it difficult to choose just one project for our July POM (Project of the Month...not Pomegranate Juice...).

In July, we had a lot of great signs go up that we were and still are very much proud of. However, in the eyes of our entire team from sales, design and sign permitting to fabrication and install, one project really stood out among the rest. Not only did the signage come out great but it really put our internal processes and teamwork to the test given a very tight deadline. And as you'll notice in the pictures to follow, the team was able to knock it out of the park! 

I'm guessing you were able to pick up on this already given the blog title despite my suspenseful introduction, but the project we will be highlighting for the month of July is Armor Storage.

Here's how the story began.

Armor Storage came to us with the challenge to take on a project with a very tight deadline due to an already set in stone open date. The scope of work included:

  • Manufacture & install 2 new single face wall signs with internally-illuminated logos & letters.


  • Manufacture & install 1 new single face wall sign with internally-illuminated letters only.


  • Manufacture & install 1 new double face monument sign with internally-illuminated logos. And due to code restrictions, sign has to have top, middle and bottom-area elements. 


  • Here's a mock-up of the new building & the proposed sign placements.


Construction was underway and there was zero room for setbacks on our end. This meant that the design phase had to go lightning quick while the permitting process going on simultaneously in the background had to be carried out seamlessly. And due to some elements of the sign permitting being out of our hands, it definitely elevated the stress levels a bit. But thankfully, everything went smoothly and we were able to get it into the fabrication team's hands right on schedule.

It's time to fabricate some signs.

The designs were approved and the wheels were now in motion. The hand off to our sign fabrication team was picture perfect so they were able to really hit the ground running. 

Let's take a look at how the fabrication process went down on the shop floor.

Here's a look inside the paint room:


The monument sign taking shape and shining bright:


And last but not least, the early stages of the 3 wall signs:


After putting the signs through a number of tests to make sure everything was in working order we were then ready to get these beauties installed. 

At the site for the finishing touches.

Due to the tight deadlines and the open date looming overhead, once the time to install the signs came the building and site construction was still underway. At times, scenarios like these can be a little chaotic but the crews were able to work well together in order to get the signs up in time while the new building construction was still getting wrapped up. 

As a result of the construction still going on, you'll notice that the grounds and the building still have a little work to be done. But at least while they were getting that completed they had some great signs to look at!

Now it's time to see those drawings from earlier brought to life!



In the beginning, it seemed like a daunting task but through hard work and great teamwork at every stage of the process, we were able to hit our completion date and make our customer, Armor Storage, happy as can be. 

When planning a project we prefer to leave a little cushion on the time frame in case anything that is out of our hands takes a little longer then expected, but it's good to know that our team is always willing and able to rise to the challenge when we have a tight deadline project come through the doors. We would also like to thank the team at Armor Storage as they were great to work with and it always takes two sides being on the same page at all times in order to hit deadlines like this.

Until next months project, enjoy your summer and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! And if you can't wait that long for another project of the month visit our Twitter or Facebook pages to check out our latest projects that we post weekly.

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